Monday, February 19, 2007

Ice Accident

Hi there,

I've got some bad news. Ben will be out of service for a little while. While we were getting Ben setup in front of the Levine loading dock, a large bunch of ice fell off the roof of Fisher Bennett and smashed our windshield, hood, and right mirror. The ladar's were on the roof and one took enough of a hit to knock it cockeyed on it's mount, but it tested ok in the lab afterwards.

The only major problem with Ben is the windshield, it's pretty opaque and obviously compromised. The mirror needs to be replaced. And the hood is cosmetic, but probably a good thing to fix so we don't look like we got into an accident. All other systems are fine.

In the good news. None of us were hurt. As the first smaller stuff came down we moved away. Also, we now successfully have tested LADAR producing elevation maps feeding directly into matlab and then feeding a map to the planner. We were on our way out to record some data to try planning through when the ice fell.

Here are some pictures:


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