Wednesday, October 31, 2007

!!! :) Ben qualified for the race :) !!!

Ben qualified for the Urban Challenge Final event!!!

The Ben Franklin Racing team is one of only 6 teams, out of 35 teams that arrived to the National Qualifying Event, that were qualified early for the Urban Challenge race.

Great Work ....

Watch the final event in a live webcast from Victorville, CA on Nov. 3rd 2007 starting 6:20 PT.

In a message from the trenches:
Dear All,

We have just heard that we are unofficially through to the final, in
addition to CMU & Stanford. The competition has been really tough
this year but Ben has performed really well. Next up - taking Tony
Tether's money :)

-Ben Franklin Racing Team

Friday, October 19, 2007

Ben is leaving for the NQE

The team is about to leave to Victorville, CA. For the National Qualification Event (NQE) which will be held between October 26 - November 1.

35 teams and their vehicles will compete in a qualification round for a chance to compete in the finals. The finalists will be announced on November 1.

On Saturday November 3rd there will be a live webcast of the final Urban Challenge event.