Friday, February 16, 2007

(Great) Testing Results Featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer

We had a really fantastic testing day today - the steering control is now really good and very smooth (no jerking steering wheel etc - it actually looks like a human is driving). We did have a reasonably persistent problem with the GPS jumping near the poles in the car park which is why we have some discrete jumps in the route traces - but this is something that we are investigating several different avenues to solve (new pose system, pose filter changes etc). Hence we got a lot of recorded data using benracer.dangerous (keyboard arrow control of the vehicle controls - great fun) of human driving and throttle/brake characterisation data so we should be able to build a good map of the throttle-brake characteristics to use in a new longitudinal controller.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reporter and photographer met us took photos of Ben and we took the reporter for a spin in the driving seat (with Ben driving) which he seemed to enjoy - read more about it and watch a video of the car here:

However - we also had a minor problem:
We smelt burning plastic in the car and stopped immediately - when we looked in the boot (trunk) we found that we had melted (the casing) *and* fried the wires connecting the 400V inverter to the 12V power supplied from the vehicle.


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