Monday, May 21, 2007

Testing Update,

We made it up to Lehigh by midday and had a good afternoon of testing.
  • We successfully logged performance data for trajfollower.
  • We also drove the site visit course again now with OmniStar DGPS coverage.
  • I successfully tested the distributed logging on the RT3K module, however the combination of Xforwarding, rendering, and NFS caused problems with the velodyne logging in this manner. So we logged in the old format as we drove with other vehicles around the site visit route.
  • Dan demonstrated successful following using the matlab controller up to 17 mph forward and 15 mph in reverse in a relatively tight course.The vehicle was programmed to automatically slow for corners.
  • And we were able to successfully navigate the site visit course with dense waypoints, with the problem that the tracks would drift off the road due to GPS offset.


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