Monday, March 26, 2007

Video Demo - Proof of concept test

Today we took Ben out to the car-park to test the LADAR
integration with the video-demonstration code - in short, after
debugging/fixing we were able to reliably transform the LADAR data
into a usable map, evaluate our plan through the map and correctly
identify Tully's car as an obstacle in our path, stop in front of it
and then transition to the other available lane and then transition
back to the first lane after passing Tully's car - this was all at
about 5mph.

We were also able to demonstrate that trajFollower could drive the
video-demo course that Jim laid out at park and we took the
reporter who came out with us around the course a couple of times and
she seemed suitably impressed. Heeten was also able to make
significant progress on testing the RNDF generator that uses the
google-map-esque interface.

There are still some issues that we need to resolve, primarily
concerned with the quality of the LADAR maps when driving at higher
speeds and making reasonably sharp bends, both of which frequently
lead to significant obstacles being painted into the map, although
these are rarely sufficiently high to be viewed as obstacles to plan
around by the video-demo code, the performance should be better than
it is now.


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